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  • Frances H Fisher

    Frances H Fisher

  • Holley Snaith

    Holley Snaith

    Holley is a published historian and writer striving to inspire others through her writing. www.holleysnaith.com.

  • Eric Rountree

    Eric Rountree

    Eric Rountree holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry withexpertise across several areas of electrochemistry, including batteries, manufacturing, and catalysis

  • Brian M. Williams, JD

    Brian M. Williams, JD

    Writer, Traveler, Educator, Mardi Gras DJ with a JD. Author of “Stranger in a Stranger Land: My Six Years in Korea” and “When a Stolen Child Returns.”

  • Ayesha Ghulati

    Ayesha Ghulati

    Linguist: Fluent in French, Spanish and English. Well-Travelled, Lived in six different countries, Worked at UNESCO, Paris Masters in International Relations.

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